5 Ways to Plant Jasmine Flowers for Beginners

5 Ways to Plant Jasmine Flowers for Beginners

5 Ways to Plant Jasmine Flowers for Beginners -Jasmine flower is one of the most famous flowers in Indonesia. No wonder many are looking for ways to grow jasmine flowers at home.

This small flower which is known to be delicate and tiny is often used in weddings as decoration or even used as tea for health.You can also plant jasmine flowers yourself, you know. The method is easy and maintenance is also not complicated. Interested in growing it? Here are five ways to plant jasmine flowers that you can follow.

1. Prepare the Jasmine Flower Seeds

To plant jasmine, you need to prepare the superior seeds first. So, prepare the jasmine flower seeds that you want to plant. There are various types of jasmine flowers, among others, white jasmine gambier, yellow winter jasmine, star jasmine consisting of five flower petals that form a spiral, Indonesian jasmine which is white and often found in Javanese traditional weddings, and Japanese jasmine. which has a characteristic in the middle there are purple spots.

2. Do a jasmine flower nursery

Tahap menanam bunga melati sendiri di rumah yaitu, melakukan pembibitan. Tempat menanam setek atau sepotong batang yang akan kamu tanam tadi, sebaiknya gunakanlah pot atau polybag yang berukuran besar dan diisi dengan campuran tanah, serta pasir.

Untuk menjaga kelembapannya, tutuplah pot menggunakan plastik. Siram bibit setek tersebut kurang lebih 1-2 kali dalam sehari. Jangan lupa untuk menyimpan bibit di tempat yang bisa mendapatkan paparan sinar matahari, terutama saat pagi hari.

Setelah beberapa hari, akan mulai bertumbuh tunas pada batang bibitnya. Saat sudah seperti itu, pindahkanlah bibit bunga melati ke pot yang ukurannya lebih besar dan sudah diisi dengan campuran tanah dan pupuk.

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3. Prepare the planting medium and start planting

If the jasmine flower seeds are ready to be planted, then you first prepare the planting media. Use a pot that is the right size for the plant seeds, so that their growth is not hampered. Fill the pot with a mixture of soil, sand and organic fertilizer with a 1:1:1 composition. Then, plant flower seeds or stems that have grown jasmine flower buds, and cover them again with planting media, and flush with enough water.

If you want to plant jasmine flowers directly on your home land, first clean the land and hoe the soil to make it fertile and loose. Then, let the soil sit in the ground for 2 weeks. Make beds with a width of 100-120 cm, a height of 30-40 cm, and the distance between one bed and another is 40-60 cm. Then, apply fertilizer to the soil surface. If you want to plant on land, you should do it during the dry season.

Dig the soil for the planting hole, then transfer the jasmine seeds into the hole. Don’t forget to leave a distance during the planting process of about 1 meter, so that your jasmine flower plant growth is not limited.

4. Jasmine flower care

You need to do care for jasmine flower plants so that the plants produce beautiful and radiant flowers throughout the day. Water the plants regularly in the morning and evening. Make sure the plant gets enough sun exposure at least 4 hours per day. Pay attention to the humidity of the temperature during the growth process, because if the air temperature is too cold, the jasmine flowers will die quickly.

Clear the planting area of weeds that grow around the plants. Give fertilizer once a month. Then, to further accelerate growth, when the jasmine flower plant has reached a height of more than 75 cm, it is better to do pruning.

5. Stage of harvesting jasmine flowers

jasmine flowers will bloom when they have entered the age of 7-12 months after the planting process. You can harvest jasmine flowers every day, until the age of the plant reaches 5-10 years. For the process of harvesting jasmine flowers, you should do it in the morning and evening, when the sun is not yet hot and the temperature around the plant is also not hot, so that the jasmine flowers don’t wither when you pick them.

When harvesting jasmine flowers with a large number of flowers, you can do it in the first and second weeks, then jasmine flowers can still be harvested, but the amount is less than the first harvest. However, don’t worry, later after 2 months from the first harvest, jasmine flower plants can produce more harvests.

Jasmine is a plant that is in great demand because of the beauty of its flowers. In addition, the distinctive fragrance also makes many people use jasmine flowers as a mixture of perfume and air freshener. Then, because the jasmine flower also symbolizes the purity and sincerity of love, some wedding customs, especially in Java, often use jasmine flower arrangements in the procession.

For those of you who are interested and want to grow your own jasmine flowers at home, just try practicing by following the five methods above. Easy to do for those of you who are just learning to grow flowers.