Cold Drinks Suitable for Iftar

Cold Drinks Suitable for Iftar

Cold Drinks Suitable for Iftar – In welcoming iftar, we certainly prepare fresh drinks. The following are recommendations for cold drinks that are often consumed by citizens in Arab countries during sahur and iftar

1. Jallab

Jallab is a drink that uses many ingredients, such as dates, wine, molasses, ice cubes, and rose water. For the topping, sprinkled with pine nuts and raisins.

Jallab is very popular in Middle Eastern countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. This nutritious drink is most popular during the month of Ramadan.

2. Hindi Tamer

Tamer hindi or tamar hindi is a drink from India that is also popular in Arab countries. This drink uses tamarind that is soaked and then filtered.

The tamarind juice is then mixed with water and sugar. Tamar hindi is served cold so its sour and cold taste keeps it fresh for a day of fasting.

3. Kharroub

Kharroub is believed to have originated in Egypt although it is also widely consumed in Libya and Sudan. Kharroub is made from the pods that come from the carob tree.

The taste of kharroub itself is sweet and served cold during Ramadan. Kharroub is believed to be rich in protein and antioxidants, you know.

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4. Erk Sous

Erk sous is a kind of drink made from liquorice served cold. The taste of erk sous is not liked by everyone because it is slightly sweet mixed with bitterness.

However, erk sous is consumed because of its freshness and benefits for the body. Erk sous is very popular and popular in Egypt and Syria.

5. Karkadeh

Karkadeh or also known as hibiscus tea is made from hibiscus flowers and can be consumed hot or cold. During Ramadan, countries, such as Egypt and Sudan, prefer to be served cold during iftar.

Apart from Ramadan, karkadeh is also often served at weddings in these countries.