Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay

Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay

Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay –¬†There are only a few days left before Eid al-Fitr and many of us have received holiday allowances (THR). Especially for those of you who have worked for a year or more, it’s certainly nice to be able to get a one-time salary.

Eits, but don’t be happy just yet and the THR money is immediately used for spree. There are the first 4 things that you have to pay from your THR. Anything?

1. Civil and pay off your debt first

If you have debt or installments, you better prioritize paying this first with your THR. Because the more you postpone paying debt, especially debt with interest, the harder you will pay it later.

Use THR wisely so that your finances run smoothly in the future.

2. Zakat fitrah and zakat of income

As Muslims, it is obligatory to pay zakat, especially zakat fitrah which is only issued during the fasting month. The amount is not big, guys, only equivalent to 3.5 liters of rice or IDR 40 thousand.

But for zakat income, there is another count. You can use the zakat calculator at the Zakat House or the National Zakat Agency.
You only need to enter the numbers, such as the income you receive, bonuses to your expenses in a month. Then it will come out later whether you are eligible to pay zakat or not including the amount that must be paid.

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3. Set aside first for an emergency fund

Yup, this is really important for savings and investment. Ideally, you should have 6 times the salary for an emergency fund that you shouldn’t touch at all. But that does not mean that all of the THR is allocated directly for the emergency fund.

You can set aside what percentage of your THR and monthly salary.

4. Savings and investment

Next is savings and investment. For example, you have a dream to buy a house, want to go to school, or get married. So after you do the three obligations above, then set aside your THR for savings and investment.

Determine one or two things that are your priority for saving or investing.

If you have the four, then you can get self-rewards or share angpao or postal greetings for Eid later.