Foods That Are Usually In the Month of Fasting

Foods That Are Usually In the Month of Fasting – The month of Ramadan is a month that is highly awaited by Muslims, because this month allows Muslims to focus more on worship and this month also comes only once a year.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast for a whole month. Every day from dawn to dusk. In the month of ouasa, Muslims are also expected to keep away all bad thoughts and maintain behavior. When it is time to break the fast, Muslims usually consume fresh drinks and eat sweet foods so that the stomach can adjust to food again after fasting for more than 12 hours, and drink sweet drinks to restore energy.

Here are the special dishes in the month of Ramadan

1. Ketupat
Ketupat seems to be a mandatory menu and is symbolically identical to the month of Ramadan. The main food made from rice, which is shaped in a rectangular shape, becomes the main food on Eid al-Fitr as a substitute for rice. The texture of the ketupat tends to be denser and softer when compared to white rice. In addition, ketupat also goes well with various flavored dishes of the day such as opor and sambal goreng. This is what makes ketupat always present in Eid celebrations, especially in the Java Island area. Philosophically, ketupat means “Confessing Lepat” or “admitting mistakes”.

2. Pakat
This dish, which is processed by young rattan, comes from North Sumatra. Pakat is a typical food of the South Tapanuli and Mandailing tribes. In the month of Ramadan, pakat is one of the delicious and affordable iftar dishes. Young rattan that is burned, then skinned and the meat inside is taken into a delicious snack as a side dish with a plate of rice. Many believe that eating pakat can restore the energy lost during fasting. This has also become a hereditary tradition in the Mandailing and South Tapanuli families.

3. Snail Curry
Snails are small snail-like shelled animals that are often found in rice fields. The shell of the field snail is usually in the form of a speckled spiral and a pointed tip. The size is smaller than the rice field snail. The snail curry dish itself is a typical dish of the Riau Islands which is mostly served as one of the menus for breaking the fast. Snails are widely sold in traditional markets in this area as the main ingredient in various foods, including this snail curry. This snail curry dish is similar to curry in general, the difference is the distinctive taste of the broth and snail meat. During the month of Ramadan, this dish is one of the foods that are widely sold as a menu for breaking the fast.

4. compote
This sweet dish is certainly very much a typical Ramadan food menu in Indonesia. Kolek is a food made from sweet potato and banana boiled with coconut milk and brown sugar. Often added kolang kaling and sticky rice as a complement. The natural sweet taste of compote makes it one of the most popular and popular takjil. Besides filling, compote is also refreshing because it can be consumed cold or hot.

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5. Ice Cucumber Suri
In the Cirebon area you can find one of the typical and refreshing iftar dishes. A simple dish in the form of suri cucumber which is shaved with sugar water or syrup and added with ice cubes is the right choice for breaking the fast. The water and nutrient content of this dish is quite a lot, which is perfect for replacing body fluids during fasting. This dish can be found in various places to eat, but during the fasting month, ice cucumber suri becomes one of the culinary specialties of the city of Cirebon.

6. Sticky Rice
At the western tip of Java Island, precisely in the Banten area, you can find one of the typical Ramadan foods in Indonesia. Bintul sticky rice is a culinary from Banten that appears a lot during the month of Ramadan. This dish is in the form of a delicious rectangular sticky rice with a sprinkling of coconut serundeng and added slices of meat and stew. Its savory and delicious taste makes this snack a favorite for the people of Banten to break their fast. It is said that this food has existed since the days of the Banten kingdom still standing.

7. Bongko Kopyor
Sweet foods have become one of the most popular iftar dishes for people during the month of Ramadan. In the Gresik area, East Java, you can find sweet culinary delights that are suitable for breaking the fast. This traditional snack is a dish of rice flour that tends to be runny like marrow porridge with stuffing in the form of sliced ​​bananas, young coconut meat (kopyor), slices of white bread, and pearl porridge. This natural sweetness is perfect for filling the stomach after fasting. In addition, bongko kopyor served cold will also feel very refreshing. Even more special, Bongko Kopyor can only be found during the month of Ramadan.

8. Ati Fried Sambal
Ramadan specialties Next Sambal goreng ati can be a food that can be found everyday. However, almost all Muslims who experience Eid al-Fitr always prepare this dish as a mandatory menu on holidays. Sambal goreng ati itself is a spicy chicken liver dish cooked with fried chili sauce and coconut milk. The spicy, sweet, and savory taste makes many people like this food. Sambal goreng ati is always a menu that complements other Ramandhan dishes such as ketupat and chicken opor.