Entering This Last Prophecy the Practice is done

Entering This Last Prophecy the Practice is done

Entering This Last Prophecy the Practice is done – It doesn’t feel like the month of Ramadan has entered the last 10 days starting from Sunday, May 2, 2021. At the end of this Ramadan, Rasulullah SAW gave an example that he was getting more active and earnest in doing good.

The following is the practice that was exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad in the last 10 days. Come on, we do it!

1. Evening prayer

In the last 10 days of Ramadan, Rasulullah SAW was very eager to increase his practice at night, he even invited his entire family and friends to liven up the night. This was conveyed according to the following hadith:

Rasulullah SAW used to be when he entered the last 10 Ramadan, he tightened his belt (earnestly in worship), enlivened these nights with worship, and woke up his wives to worship. ” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Iktikaf

Iktikaf means staying in a mosque in order to worship Allah SWT. Iktikaf is recommended at any time, but it is preferable to enter the last ten nights of Ramadan as narrated by Abdullah bin Umar RA:

“Rasulullah SAW participated in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan.

Because the current situation is still a pandemic, it would be better for those of us who will do activities in the mosque to still follow health protocols to stay safe and comfortable when praying.

3. Increase alms

The practice of alms has many virtues, one of which can wash away sins. Rasulullah SAW said, “Almsgiving can wash away sins as water extinguishes fire.

“Surely those who give alms both men and women and lend to Allah a good loan, will undoubtedly be multiplied (reward) to them; and for them the reward is generous.

Rasulullah continued, “To be fair between two people is alms, helping someone (who has difficulty raising goods) on his animal, then helping him to raise it on the back of the animal he rides or carrying his belongings is alms.”

Rasulullah SAW also said: “Good words are alms, every step that is mobilized towards prayer is almsgiving and removing thorns from the road is alms”.

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4. Read the Koran

In the month of Ramadan, many Muslims compete and have a target in practicing the Qur’an. Recognizing the Qur’an can be started by reading 1 juz after the obligatory prayer for 30 days of fasting, and can be added after the sunnah prayer.

Inside HR. Tirmidhi, Rasullullah SAW said that whoever reads one letter of the Koran, then for him there is one kindness with that reading.

“Whoever reads one letter from the Book of Allah (Al-Qur’an), it is for him one goodness. One kindness is rewarded with ten such things. I’m not saying alif laam miim is one letter. But alif is one letter, laam is one letter and miim is one letter. ” (HR. Tirmidhi, no 2910)

5. Several factors caused Rasulullah SAW to be more active in the last 10 days of Ramadan

First, the last ten days are the closing of the month of Ramadan, and every human practice is judged by its closing practice. Second, the last 10 nights were the nights most loved by Rasulullah SAW.

Third, there is the night of Lailatul Qadar where the virtue of worshiping exceeds praying for 1000 months. Fourth, Rasulullah SAW gave an example to his people so that they would not get carried away in the busyness of preparing for the needs of the holiday so that they forgot the virtues of worship in the last 10 days.

If Rasulullah SAW is eager to seek merit in the remnants of Ramadan, then we as the ummah must also be more enthusiastic. Come on, maximize our worship at the end of the glorious holy month!

5 Recommendations From Halal Powder

5 Recommendations From Halal Powder

5 Recommendations From Halal Powder – This halal certification comes from the LPPOM MUI (Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council). The criteria for this halal assurance system include the quality of raw materials, packaging, and the production facilities used.

To find out what the product recommendations are, read this article right away!

1. Wardah Everyday Shine Free BB Loose Powder

Packaged in a soft light blue color packaging, this powder from Wardah is the first recommendation for you!

The texture of the powder is very smooth and light. The product itself is perfect for those of you with oily skin, because the powder has the ability to control excess oil production on the skin. If you want to try it, you can buy this translucent powder with a price range of Rp. 58 thousand.

2. Viva Queen Perfection Natural Bright Loose Powder

“Viva Queen Perfection Natural Bright Loose Powder” is a loose powder that is suitable for those of you who like matte makeup results.

One of the advantages of this product is its affordable price. Namely the range of only Rp. 42 thousand.

This loose powder from Viva can help the complexion look softer and more natural. Have you tried it?

3. Looké Cosmetics Holy Smooth & Blur Loose Powder

“Looké Cosmetics Holy Smooth & Blur Loose Powder” is the third recommended product that you can try. The powder grains are very soft, which can help the appearance of your pores softer.

In addition, it contains jojoba oil and a UV filter in it. So, the skin can stay moisturised and protected from sun exposure.

You can buy this halal-certified product with a price range of IDR 160-176 thousand.

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4. Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder

For those of you who have acne prone skin types, you might be interested in this one product! The tea tree oil content in “Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder” makes the product safe for acne-prone skin.

In addition, this product also does not clog pores. And, it contains sebum control which can make the skin look more matte and smoother.

If you want to try it, this product can be purchased in e-commerce for IDR 41 thousand.

5. Emina Sebum Fighter Loose Powder

One more powder recommendation for oily skin, here! This product from the local Emina brand can be a solution to your skin problems that have excess oil production.

The texture is also light and doesn’t clog pores. The powder, which is packaged in a simple packaging, can be obtained for Rp. 59 thousand.

Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay

Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay

Thr Comes Down the First Thing to pay – There are only a few days left before Eid al-Fitr and many of us have received holiday allowances (THR). Especially for those of you who have worked for a year or more, it’s certainly nice to be able to get a one-time salary.

Eits, but don’t be happy just yet and the THR money is immediately used for spree. There are the first 4 things that you have to pay from your THR. Anything?

1. Civil and pay off your debt first

If you have debt or installments, you better prioritize paying this first with your THR. Because the more you postpone paying debt, especially debt with interest, the harder you will pay it later.

Use THR wisely so that your finances run smoothly in the future.

2. Zakat fitrah and zakat of income

As Muslims, it is obligatory to pay zakat, especially zakat fitrah which is only issued during the fasting month. The amount is not big, guys, only equivalent to 3.5 liters of rice or IDR 40 thousand.

But for zakat income, there is another count. You can use the zakat calculator at the Zakat House or the National Zakat Agency.
You only need to enter the numbers, such as the income you receive, bonuses to your expenses in a month. Then it will come out later whether you are eligible to pay zakat or not including the amount that must be paid.

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3. Set aside first for an emergency fund

Yup, this is really important for savings and investment. Ideally, you should have 6 times the salary for an emergency fund that you shouldn’t touch at all. But that does not mean that all of the THR is allocated directly for the emergency fund.

You can set aside what percentage of your THR and monthly salary.

4. Savings and investment

Next is savings and investment. For example, you have a dream to buy a house, want to go to school, or get married. So after you do the three obligations above, then set aside your THR for savings and investment.

Determine one or two things that are your priority for saving or investing.

If you have the four, then you can get self-rewards or share angpao or postal greetings for Eid later.

an economical way during Eid

An Economical Way During Eid

An Economical Way During Eid – Ramadan is about to end and it is a sign that Eid al-Fitr will soon welcome Muslims around the world. No exception in Indonesia, which often refers to it as Eid.

Eid is synonymous with the tradition of forgiving, gathering with family, and sharing sustenance to relatives, from the old and already working for children and nieces who are still small and do not have their own income.

Eid is also closely related to the tradition of shopping for new things, such as clothes, shoes, gadgets, and so on. So do not be surprised if then the circulation of money during Eid tends to be high.

Therefore, not a few people also experience ‘bankruptcy’ when Eid is over because they cannot regulate the circulation of their money properly.

Money from the holiday allowance (THR) and monthly salary were sold out in a short time, making life difficult when Eid is over.

1. Create a budget plan for Eid

The first saving tip for Eid is to make a budget plan. This budget plan is important so that you can find out what expense items you have to make.

In making a budget plan, you can use the source of the THR and the monthly salary that you have. Departing from there, you can estimate all kinds of costs that you will spend when Eid arrives.

Whether it is the cost of sharing THR with neighbors and nephews, transportation costs for visiting relatives’ homes, expenses for alms and / or zakat, fees for snacks, and so on.

In essence, by making a budget plan you can find out the amount and for what expenses you make when Eid comes.

2. Don’t be tempted by the many discounts

Apart from being synonymous with the tradition of gathering with family and apologizing, Eid is also a moment for many brands to issue discounts for the products they sell.

Therefore, saving tips during the second Eid is not to be tempted by lots of discounts. The temptation is certainly quite massive considering that now the marketplace or e-commerce is starting to mushroom and provide lots of promos and discounts.

The discount has even appeared before Eid actually arrives or when it is still in the month of Ramadan. Instead of being tempted by lots of discounts, you should take advantage of these discounts to buy the things you need, not just hungry for your eyes and fulfilling your desires.

3. Do not frequent the mall and check online stores

The mall is one of the locations frequently visited by the community when Eid arrives, apart from tourist attractions or relatives’ homes. The flood of discounts on almost all the products there is an attraction for the community, so they don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on it.

Apart from malls, now people can also easily access online shops or e-commerce from home through their respective devices. Various promos and discounts are often presented there. From the beginning, I just looked around to fill my spare time, instead I continued to buy goods or products at the online shop.

This then relates to saving tips for the next Lebaran. You should not go to the mall and / or access too many online stores, because sometimes the temptation to shop comes suddenly and adds to expenses that should not have been incurred.

So, here are some economical tips during Eid that you can practice so that your finances don’t get banned after Eid. Happy Eid, yes!